MasTec - Self-Service Password Reset and Synchronization

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Self-Service Password Reset?

Self-Service Password Reset is a new system being introduced at MasTec which allows you to be able to change your own password if you have forgotten it and also synchronizes your Oracle and Windows network, e-mail and SharePoint passwords.

What do I have to do to be able to use this system?

The most important thing for you to do is to register your profile today. To register your profile, go to and select the option, "Register Your Profile." There you will be asked to login, using your network user name and password. After you login, you will be asked to answer a series of questions which you will be later asked to answer if you forget your password.

Can't I just wait until I need to change my password to register?

No. You need to know your network username and password to be able to login for the first time and answer your security questions. Registering your profile is the way to ensure that you will have prompt efficient service in the event you have forgotten or need to change your password.

Do I have to use Self-Service Password Reset to change my password?

No. The other methods you use to change your password today will still work. Additionally if you change your password when prompted to by Windows, or use Webmail or SharePoint to change your password and you also have an Oracle account, the system will automatically change your Oracle password to be the same as your Windows password.

If I use Oracle to change my password, will the system change my Windows login password?

No. Using Oracle to change your password will only change your Oracle password and it will no longer be the same as your Windows password. We will eventually be turning off the password change capability in Oracle, so if you usually use Oracle to change your password you should consider using one of other alternate methods to change your password.

Will Self-Service Password Reset cause me to change my password more frequently?

Self-Service Password Reset will not affect how frequently you need to change your password. You will still be prompted to change your password every 45 days.

What if I forget one of the answers to my security questions?

As long as you know your Windows password, you can go to, select "Register Your Profile" and answer your questions again.

What if I am not at work and I need to change my password?

Good news. If you had previously registered your profile, now you can just go to at any time of the day or night and change your password on you own in a matter of seconds. If you have an Oracle account, it will also automatically be changed to use the same password you just entered.

What if I am at work and I need to change my password?

You can also go to and change your password there. Additionally in the very near future we will be introducing a tool called Direct! which you can use on your own computer to change your password even if you cannot login to your computer. Also remember that if you use Windows, SharePoint or Webmail to change your password, those options are still and will remain available to you.

I received a Password Reset Unsuccessful message what can I do?

When you receive the message "Password Reset Unsuccessful" retry the reset using a completely new password, not used before for AD or Oracle. Please ensure the password you are using is not something that you have used within the past year.

If you still experience this issue please contact support at: Password Reset Assistance.

I reset my password but the username is wrong.

If you notice this issue please contact support at: Password Reset Assistance. IT would need to be notified in order to make the correction.

I can't register my profile I'm receiving a "Problem Occurred Processing Form" message.

Usually this is due to the username or password being incorrect. If you verified that both the username and password are correct please contact support at: Password Reset Assistance. IT would need to be notified in order to correct this issue.